Due to Covid-19 and our concern for the community, Red Dirt Art Festival has been canceled for 2020.
Red Dirt Art Festival

Local Art.

Join us Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM at Smiley Park (Cajon St. & Vine St.).

Supporting Local Artists Since 2005.


The Red Dirt Art Festival has been connecting local artists with the Redlands community through outdoor events. Held each autumn, more than 50 artists continue to gather and share their unique artwork that spans across virtually all mediums.

Red Dirt Art Festival began in 2005 as a group of talented local artists desiring to share their talents with neighbors, family and friends.  It has evolved into a gathering of artists from throughout California, with 1 show per year to showcase their art.  A wide array of exquisite art is available including many types of jewelry, paintings, clothing, sculpture, photography, pottery and mixed media.

Red Dirt originated as a backyard gathering of about 20 friends demonstrating their artistic talents, and now boasts over 30 artists and exhibits from as far away as Half Moon Bay.  It still remains a show of mostly local talent, with more than half of our artists residing in Redlands and the Inland Empire.

Having begun as a local community event, the Red Dirt Art Festival brings several hundred visitors from the local area as well as Los Angeles and the desert to enjoy our beautiful downtown, exceptional weather and uniquely talented artists.  We welcome you to join us for the Red Dirt Art Festival and hope you enjoy your time with us.  Please visit our “Interest List” below and record your personal information, or sign our guest log when you join us and we will send you a personal invitation for the next upcoming show!

Featured Artists

  • Aeron Brown Mixed Media
  • Alycia Bromar Photography/Mixed Media/Acrylic
  • Ann Pultz Kramer Photography
  • Anna Robles Pottery
  • Andrea Beechko Jewelry
  • Anneli Pendley Paintings, Pastels & Giftware
  • Aubrey Sanchez Paintings, Pastels & Giftware
  • Beth Bobbitt Silver Jewelry
  • Bob Merchant Acrylic
  • Brad Willason Metal and Wood Wall Art
  • Cecile Smith Chain Maille Jewelry
  • Cherie Burris Watercolor
  • Deborah Guggolz Glass Art
  • Dutch Rumary Jewelry
  • Gayle Durivage Glass Art
  • Harvey Erdle Pottery
  • Hasuyo Miller Sculptures & Pottery
  • Henry Balzer Acrylic
  • Holly Warner Watercolor
  • James Bowden Silversmith
  • Jim Behrman Robot Art
  • Joyce Carlson Jewelry
  • Kathleen BryanPottery
  • Linda Willason Pastel Drawing
  • Lynn Richards Mixed Media
  • Lynette Smith Mixed Media
  • Malgosia Nowakowski Pottery
  • Mindy Kuhn Sunnyside Local Produce and Nursery
  • Patty Mariano-Denning Jewelry Artist
  • Penelope Krebs Watercolor
  • Rachel M. Post Metalsmith – Fiber Artist
  • Raelynn Rea Unique Vintage Jewelry
  • Robert Farmer Sculptures & Pottery
  • Robert Lopez Silversmith Jeweler
  • Robert Merchant Acrylic
  • Robert & Terri Vanden Burg Handcrafted Leather Bags
  • Sandie Petrucelli Jewelry
  • Sheila LeBlanc Oils, Watercolors & Pastels
  • Susie Kenison Metal Work with Jewelry
  • Thomas Fontanes Mixed Media Collage
  • Featuring Quilters Guild Handmade Stitchery