Red Dirt Art Festival began in 2005 as a group of talented local artists desiring to share their talents with neighbors, family and friends.  It has evolved into a gathering of artists from throughout California, with 2 shows per year to showcase their art.  A wide array of exquisite art is available including many types of jewelry, paintings, clothing, sculpture, photography, pottery  and mixed media.

Red Dirt originated as a backyard gathering of about 20 friends demonstrating their artistic talents, and now boasts over 30 artists and exhibits from as far away as Half Moon Bay.  It still remains a show of mostly local talent, with more than half of our artists residing in Redlands and the Inland Empire.

Having begun as a local community event, the Red Dirt Art Festival brings several hundred visitors from the local area as well as Los Angeles and  the desert to enjoy our beautiful downtown, exceptional weather and uniquely talented artists.  We welcome you to join us twice a year for the Red Dirt Art Festival and hope you enjoy your time with us.  Please visit our “Interest List” below and record your personal information, or sign our guest log when you join us and we will send you a personal invitation for the next upcoming show!

Red Dirt thanks our talented friends at Whitefrog Design in Redlands for their wonderful support of our festival with this web site and printed media that are generated for each event.

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